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Today Date: 2081-03-05

Diploma in Bakery and Pastry


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Course Name: Diploma in Bakery accreditation with CTEVT of Nepal

Course Duration: 3 month (390 Hrs.)

Affiliation: CTEVT of Nepal

Age: 16-60 Years

Qualification: General literacy

Training Fee: NRs. 50,000

Course Description:

 This course specially design for those students who seek their future in bakery as a professional baker and pastry chef. We provide depth knowledge of theoretical and practical in pastry, bakery and confectionery item. We also teach to our students theoretical and practical knowledge of food safety, HACCP, Hygienic. Trainee will also get opportunity learn more than 80 plus bakery, pastry and confectionery item. After completion of training trainee will get opportunity to work in bakery and pastry factory as a intern. And after completion of intern students will get chance to work in bakery in Nepal and aboard as a job.

Career outcomes:

 After completion of training students will be able to do following task:

    1. Students able to prepare croissant, Doughnut, patties, bread, bon and many more item..
    2. Students will able to design and decoration of cake.
    3. students will be able to prepare and present cookies, hot dessert, cold dessert, puff, pizza, Taffee sauces and many more item…………
    4. Students will be able to work in pastry and bakery department in hotel and bakery house
    5. Students will be able to establishment and run their own bakery.
    6. Students will be able to manage bakery and pastry shop.
    7. Students can handle customer complain, and can solve their problems.
    8. Students will be capable to making plan, cost control, cost calculation and many more managerial related work


Our Diploma in Bakery course syllables in mention:


  1. Bread
  1. Bread Stick
  2. Cheese Stick
  3. French Bread
  4. Bread Roll
  5. Hot Dog Bread
  6. Burger Bun
  7. White Bread
  8. Brown Bread
  9. Cinnamon Roll
  10. Spanish Bread
  1. Cookies
  1. Marble Cookies
  2. Almond Cookies
  3. Peanut Cookies
  4. Little Heart Cookies
  5. Jam Cookies
  6. Chocolate Cookies
  7. Cheery Cookie
  8. Oats Cookies
  9. Sesome Cookies 
  10. French Heart Cookies
  1. Cold Desert
  1. Vanilla Mosse
  2. Lemon Mosse
  3. White And Dark Mosse
  1. Hot Desert
  1. Apple Pie
  2. Cream Caramel
  3. Coconut Tart
  4. Egg Tart
  5. Chocolate Tart
  6. Fruit Tart
  7. Coconut Ball
  1. Cake
  1. Dry Cake
  2. Rumball
  3. Fruit Cake
  4. American Muffin
  5. Cup Cake
  6. Chocolate Cake
  7. Almond slice
  8. Plain Coca Muffin
  9. Mix forest cake
  10. Chocolate Brownie
  11. Wall Nut Brownie
  12. American Brownie
  13. Vanilla  Sponge Cake
  14. Pineapple dry cake
  15. Sponge Cake
  16. Banana Cake
  17. Carrot Cake
  18. Chocolate Cake
  19. Chocolate Brownie Cake
  20. White Forest Cake
  21. Black Forest Cake
  22. Birthday Cake
  23. White Sponge
  24. Black Sponge
  25. Pineapple Cake
  26. Mango Cake
  27. Butter Scotch Cake
  28. Blue Berry Cake
  29. Strawberry Cake
  30. Mochha Cake
  31. Chocolate Pastry
  32. White Forest Pastry
  33. Black Forest Pastry
  34. Vanilla Pastry
  35. Strawberry Pastry
  36. Mango Pastry
  37. Blue Berry Pastry
  38. Butter Scotch Pastry


  1. Puff Dough
  1. Veg. Patties
  2. Chicken Patties
  3. Mutton Patties
  4. Plain Puff
  5. Cream Roll
  6. Sausage Roll
  7. Meulli Fuilli
  1. Croissant Dough
  1. Plain Croissant
  2. Cheese Croissant
  3. Chocolate Croissant
  4. Fruit Danish
  1. Sauce
  1. Choco Sauce
  2. Vanilla Sauce
  3. Caramel Sauce
  1. Doughnut
  1. Chocolate Doughnut
  2. Cream Doughnut
  3. Coconut Doughnut
  4. Plain Doughnut
  1. Taffee
  1. White Chocolate Taffee
  2. Black Chocolate Taffee
  1. Pizza
  1. Veg Pizza
  2. Chicken Pizza
  3. Mushroom Pizza


More than 3 week cake decoration and garnishing  special class



  • No hidden cost
  • CTEVT affiliated
  • Highly Professional Management
  • Internship available
  • Job placement available after completion of internship
  • Uniform and certificate available as a free of cost