Radisson Hotel Training Centre

Waiter/Waitress syllabus


Theoretical module

Part 1

Hospitality meaning and concept

Hospitality organizations

Importance of Attitude, skills and knowledge in Hospitality industry

Part 2

Hotel and Restaurant meaning and concept

Types of Hotels and restaurants

Hotel organization/hierarchy chart

Part 3

Operational and functional departments of hotel

Food and beverage service meaning and concept

Food and beverage organization chart and its hierarchy

Food and Beverage service department’s outlets and their functions

(Coffee shop, restaurant, pastry shop, room service and banquet)




Part 4

Duties and responsibilities of Food and Beverage service staff

(F and B manager, captain, waiter and trainee)

Working areas of the waiter or waitress

Waiter/waitress standard Dress code (uniform)



Part 5

Food and beverage service department furniture

[Tables-round, square and rectangular] Chairs and side station

Food and Beverage service department Linens

[moulton, table cloth, slip cloth, serviette, buffet cloth, tea cloth, waiter cloth, etc]

Part 6

Menu meaning and concept and its parts and planning/designing

Classification of menu

(A La Carte and Table D hote menu)

Types of Menu

(Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch/dinner, High Tea, supper, children, diet, etc)

Room plans in hotel

(Continental, European, B and B Plan, Full American, modified American plan)

Hotel and Food and beverage terminologies and French culinary terms

(Eg.Mise en place and scene, legumes, potage, entrée, dessert, hors d oeuvre, house count, antique, tariff, pms, pos, vouchers, bills, debit card, a la carte, table d hote, poulet, veal, poisson, saute, etc)




Part 7

Meaning and concept of breakfast

Types of Breakfast

(Continental, English, American and Indian)

Knowledge on food, sauce, accompaniments, appetizers, soups, main course and dessert including 11 course French classical menu

Part 8

Introduction to beverage.

Classification of beverage

(Alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

Introduction to Cocktail and mocktail

Introduction to coffee and types of coffee

Part 9

Tea and the types of tea

Cigarette and Cigar meaning

Serving procedure of cigar and cigarette

Part 10

Introduction to KOT, BOT, guest bills and Requisition form

Different modes of payment prevalent in hotels and restaurant.

Types of food and beverage service in hotel

(American service, silver service, counter service, buffet service)

Service sequence followed in fine dining restaurant



Part 11

Coordinating departments and sections of F and B service department

(Interrelationship between various departments)

Food and Beverage service equipment and tools

(Glassware, cutleries, crockeries, Hollowware)

Part 12

Food hygiene, Restaurant Safety and Hygiene and its importance, food contamination, poisoning and hazard, their negative impacts on human health and prevention and controlling techniques.

Part 13

Concept of Briefing, De-briefing, Mise-en place and Mise-en scene

Meaning of suggestive selling and push selling

Essential personal attributes or qualities of F and B staff.

Opportunities and challenges of F and B staff.

Part 14

General characteristics of Indian Tourist and European Tourist.

Dining Etiquettes in fine dining restaurant

Language of cutlery on plates

Part 15

Guest complaints handling techniques

Part 16

Restaurant and bar business initiation counseling and techniques

(Company Registration-Market analysis-feasibility analysis-venue-construction-Cost-reliable suppliers- Menu- food and drink costing -Staff- setting plan and policy)



Practical module


Part 1

Understanding the equipment and tools and different forms and format and their functions in F and B departments

(Various plates, bowls, cups, glasses, spoon, fork, knife, and forms and formats like kot, bot, bill, requisition, etc)


Part 2

 Practical demonstrations in table setup- setting up the table for dining

   (A la Carte setup and Table D hote setup)

Part 3

Practical demonstrations in Service Sequence

(Greeting-welcoming-Escorting-assist in sitting-presenting water-presenting menu-taking beverage order-taking food order-serving course wise-clearance of guest

Table-service of tea or coffee-presenting guest bill-bill settlement-farewell of the guest)

Part 4

Restaurant mise en place and mise en scene practice

(Keeping things of restaurant in order and making aesthetic environment)

Part 4

General restaurant and bar hygiene practice

(Wiping glassware and crockery techniques, floor cleaning technique, etc)


Part 5

Salver and tray carrying techniques

Different alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage serving technique in appropriate glass, accompaniment, temperature, etc. practice

(Wine, beer, vodka, gin, tequila, whisky, juices, and others)

Part 6

Practicing various types of food and beverage service style in F and B Department

(Pre-plated service, Platter to plate service, counter service and buffet service)

Part 7

Practice on serving of tea, coffee, cigar, and cigarette.

Practice on appropriate order taking of food and beverage.

Practice on suggestive sell and push sell

Practice on briefing food and beverage items.

Part 8

Practice on conversations between two friends as guest and server in different topics to develop communication skills.

(Practice on handling guest complaints, practice on suggestive selling and others)

Part 9

Basic Life skills knowledge

Interview preparations and practice




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