Food Production (Cooking)



Course Name: Food production (Cooking) equivalent with Commercial Cooking/Baking  course of CTEVT of Nepal


Duration: 3 Month

Affiliation: CTEVT of Nepal

Qualification: General Literacy (सामान्य लेखपढ गर्न सक्ने)

Age: 16 to 55

Career Objective:

Ø                     Ø    After completion of this training trainee will be able to work with Commis –III               position  in kitchen department of Restaurant and Hotel.

Ø  Trainee will get fundamental knowledge of Nepali, Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian and Thai cuisine about Breakfast, Soup, Main Course, Snacks, Salad and Dessert.

Ø   Students also get theoretical as well as practical knowledge about kitchen hygiene, food and safety, Temperature control, Nutrition, Kitchen commodities, Herbs and Spices and kitchen equipment.

Career Outcome:

After Completion of this Training students will able to doing following duties and responsibility:


·                   ·   Able to operate kitchen equipment like braising pan, baking ovens, stoves,                   grills, microwaves and fryers.

·                 ·  Able to produce a quality product in a timely and efficient manner for the guests         or staff

· Able to Responsible to maintain cleanliness, sanitation at the assigned work area.

·  Able to Responsible for preparing and cooking all food items according to the recipe and specification.

·  Able to Prepare ingredients for cooking, including portioning, chopping, and storing food.

·   Able to Slice, grind and cook meats and vegetables using a full range of cooking methods.

·   Able to Wash and peel fresh fruits, vegetables and also able to weigh, measure and mix ingredients in correct proportions.

· Have general knowledge of cooking temperatures,making soups & sauces, preparing entrees, vegetable preparation and A la carte cooking.

·   Able to Keep work area at all times in hygienic conditions according to the rules set by the hotel.

·  Able to communicate any assistance needed during busy periods and report any incidents to the Sous Chef to ensure optimum service to guests.

·   Able to Serve food in proper portions on to correct serving vessels and plates.

· Able to coordinate and participate with other sections of requirements, cleanliness, wastage and cost control.

·    Able to Cook food and prepare top-quality menu items in a timely manner.

·    Able to Communicate assistance needed during busy periods.

·   Able to Ensure and prepare mise-en-place for banquets and restaurant buffets as per the F.P.

· Able to Follow and maintain cleanliness and good hygiene practices in the kitchen.

·   Able to Operate kitchen equipment safely and responsibly.

·   Able to To assist chef with chopping, packing and helping.

Course Details:

Ø Continental Breakfast

Ø Continental Soup

Ø Continental Snack

Ø Continental Main Course

Ø Continental Salad

Ø Continental Dessert

Ø Italian Breakfast

Ø Italian Main Course

Ø Italian Soup

Ø Italian Dessert

Ø Indian Breakfast

Ø Tandoori and Naan

Ø Indian main course

Ø Indian Dessert

Ø Indian Salad

Ø Chinese Soup

Ø Chinese Snack

Ø Chinese Main course

Ø Thai soup

Ø Thai Desert

Ø Thai Salad

Ø Thai main course

Ø Thai Snack

Ø Nepali Snack

Ø Nepali Main course


Chef Coat, Professional Book, Apron, Cap, Chef Knife, Kitchen Duster नि:शुल्क रूपमा उपलब्ध गराउने

CTEVT Affiliated Certificate नि:शुल्क रूपमा उपलब्ध गराउने

 Internship Job Placement को लागि Support गराउने

CTEVT को Skill Test नि:शुल्क गराउने

Training Cost: NRs. 24,000  (for full 3 month package)




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