Barista (Coffee Making)




ü     Hot Beverage:

ü Espresso

ü Ristretto

ü Doppio Double short espresso

ü Espresso Macchiato

ü Espresso Conpana

ü Espresso Affagato

ü Café Americano

ü Café Americano

ü Café latte

ü Cappuccino

ü Flat white

ü Café mocha

ü Caramel macchiato

ü Mocha Madness

ü Caramel latte

ü Vanilla  latte

ü  Hazelnut latte

ü Strawberry latte

ü Honey latte

ü Almond latte

ü Mint late

ü Caramel Cappuccino

ü Vanilla  Cappuccino

ü  Hazelnut Cappuccino

ü Strawberry Cappuccino

ü Honey Cappuccino

ü Almond Cappuccino

ü Mint Cappuccino


Iced Beverage:

ü Iced Americano

ü Ice latte

ü Ice Cappuccino

ü Iced mocha

ü Caramel madness

ü Caramel latte

ü Iced Caramel latte

ü Iced Vanilla  latte

ü  Iced Hazelnut latte

ü Iced Strawberry lattee

ü Iced Honey latte

ü Iced Almond latte

ü Iced Mint late


Blended Beverage

ü Cold coffee

ü Mocha frappuccino

ü Mocha frappuccino

ü Caramel  frappuccino

ü Caramel mocha frappuccino

ü Frappe mocha frappuccino

ü Vanilla mocha frappuccino

ü Vanilla mocha Frappe


Coffee Alternative

A.  Hot beverage

ü Hot chocolate

ü Hot lemon with honey

ü Chai latte


B.   Iced beverage

ü Peach iced tea

ü Apple iced  tea

ü Lemon iced tea

ü Iced lemonade

ü Ice chocolate


C.   Blended beverage

ü Banana lassi

ü Mango lassi

ü Papaya lassi

ü Banana smoothies

ü Mango smoothies

ü Papaya smoothies

ü Banana Milk shake

ü Mango milk shake

ü Papaya milk shake

ü Vanilla milk shake

ü Chocolate milk shake

ü Blended  lemonade

ü Mango lemonade

ü Orange lemonade

ü Mint lemonade

ü Oreo milk shake




Key Feature:

Ø Every Students will get opportunity to practice more than 450 latte arts

Ø Students will able to prepare of Heart, Tulip, Rosetta, Swan, Hot in Hot and many more latte arts

Ø CTEVT affiliated certificate, Book and other necessary material available as a free of cost.

Ø Students will get full support for internship and job placement.

Ø Training cost 15,000 (including all material and documents)

Ø No hidden cost

Ø अन्य जानकारीको लागि हामीलाई हजुरको नम्बर दिनुहोस हामी हजुर लाई कल गर्छौ

Ø New class time:

Morning, Day and Evening Shift.

Pleas contact us

Contact: 01-5907709, 9851044265, 9824262236




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