Bakery (Diploma Level)

 Radisson Hotel Training Bakery Training information   
Duration: 3 Month

Training Cost: 45,000
Facility: CTEVT Affiliated Certificate, Book, Dress, and Job Placement available as a free of cost.

job responsibilities of a baker
Bakers are responsible for preparing and making baked goods, such as cookies, brownies, muffins, breads, tortillas and cakes. The duties and responsibilities of a baker differ according to work setting. For example, if you worked in a bakery or retail store, you'd likely fulfill orders for customers, whereas, if you worked in a factory setting for a manufacturer, you'd be mass-producing baked goods. If you enjoy making tasty baked goods in a kitchen setting, a baking career can be a good fit. Although your pay can start out on the low side, you have options, such as having your own bakery and becoming a specialist baker, which will increase your earnings.

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